Home Performance with Energy Star

Many Existing Homes in Wisconsin have problems relate to moisture, condensation, drafty rooms, ice dams, mold, and high utility bills.

Drafty House

A Home Performance Evaluation  includes the following:

  • Blower Door Air Leakage Test
  • Building Shell Analysis
  • Infrared Camera Scan
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Mechanical & Ventilation Inspection and Testing
  • Comprehensive report with recommendations listed in order of cost effectiveness
  • A list of recommended contractors that are certified by Focus on Energy
  • Free consultation with the selected contractor and/or “do it yourself” homeowner
  • Information on Focus on Energy cash rewards that may apply to your home
  • Information on Energy Tax Credits that may apply to your home

 The testing and measuring of the home is approximately a 3-4 hour process.  Most homeowners want to be present during the testing, although it is not required.  It is an educational experience for most people.

Cost of a Home Energy Evaluation is $400.  This price may vary slightly depending on size and complexity of the home. Please call (608)335-4022 to discuss the specific details of your home, or to schedule an appointment.